54-56 Guda Abdullahi Road, Farm Centre, Tarauni, Kano


Fascinated with the exquisite, sophisticated and consistent far east cuisine, the Land of Myths and Legends, Bristol Palace Hotel brought Chopsticks to you with a Menu designed and formed with you, your health and your functions in Mind… 
At Chopsticks, you may enjoy our Dine-In calm and serene area. Chopsticks Also cater for functions, whether a Private party or business Function, birthday, anniversary, get together or just because, we will be glad to Cater!


Sweet Corn Chicken  ₦1500
Dumpling Soup  ₦3000
Hot and Sour (Pecking)  ₦1500
Seafood Soup  ₦3000
Vegetable Shrimp Soup with Noodles  ₦3000


Roasted beef with Ginger & Spring Onions  ₦1500
Chinese Noodles Salad  ₦2500


Shrimp on Toast  ₦1400
Shrimp Balls  ₦1700
Golden Fried Prawns  ₦2500
Shrimp Spring Rolls  ₦1700
Chicken Wings  ₦1500
Chicken Spring Rolls  ₦1500
Steamed Chicken or Vegetable Dumpling  ₦2000
Steamed Shrimp Dumpling  ₦2400
Vegetable Spring Rolls  ₦1500


Lobster in Oyster Sauce  ₦8000
Steamed Lobster with Shanghai Sauce  ₦8000
Prawns in Lemon Sauce  ₦7000
Deep fried Prawns in Ginger Sauce  ₦7000
Grilled Prawns in lee’s Sauce  ₦7000
Prawns in Nest  ₦7000
Prawns in Hot Sauce  ₦7000
Sweet & Sour Prawns  ₦7000
Steamed or Baked Fish in Beijing Sauce (40 Mins)  ₦6800
Fish in Sichuan Sauce  ₦6800
Sweet and Sour Fish  ₦6800


Guangdongness Fried Rice  ₦980
Beef Fried Rice  ₦980
Chicken Fried Rice  ₦980
Pineapple Fried Rice  ₦980
Sweet Corn Fried Rice  ₦980
Spring Onion Fried Rice (No Egg)  ₦980
Steam Rice  ₦980
Shrimp Fried Noodles  ₦2000
Chicken Noodles  ₦2000
Vegetable Noodles  ₦1500


Shredded Beef in Oyster Sauce  ₦6000
Beef in Black Pepper  ₦6000
Beef in Black Bean Sauce  ₦6000
Spare Ribs in Hot Sauce  ₦6000


Chicken with Dry Pepper  ₦6000
Chicken with Green Pepper and Cashew Nut  ₦6000
Sweet and Sour Chicken  ₦6000
Chicken in Yu Shang Sauce  ₦6000
Shredded Chicken with Black Mushroom  ₦6000


Fried Mushrooms  ₦4000
Green Pepper and Bean Sprouts  ₦3500
Mixed Fresh Vegetables  ₦4000

A Breath of China!

Authentic Chinese Food


Consistency in Serving Authentic Chinese & Asian best cuisine every time!

Healthy Menu & Consistency

Our Healthy choice of Far East Cuisines and Chinese Traditional Dishes, adds to the uniqueness of our place that ranked us as the “First Real Chinese Restaurant”, now exclusively in Kano at Bristol Palace Hotel.