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The Bristol Palace Kano is a 5 star International Standard Hotel in the ancient City of Kano the commercial nerve center of Northern Nigeria. Kano State has the highest population in Nigeria and boast of so many attractions. To ensure that visitors to the Bristol Palace enjoy their stay in Kano, the Hotel tours have designed the itinerary on the various tourists’ sites within the city and its environs for the pleasure of our guests.


The History of Kano begins with the Dala hills, it is within the walled city approximately 2 kilometer from the Emirs Palace and about 7 kilometers from the Bristol Palace.
It is the best starting point for visitors to the city and is a place where the first settlers (Maguzawa) settle in Kano. There is a popular saying in Hausa “Dala Tushen Birni” meaning Dala is the beginning of the City.
For a first time visitor who wishes to know the story of Kano, he will find that story incomplete without the mention of Goron Dutse. The first Inhabitants of Kano settled at the foot of both Dala and Goron Dutse where their leader, Barbushe said to be a very great hunter usually climbs the hill to worship the god ‘Tsumburbura.
In pre-Islamic Kano, ‘Goron Dutse’ was a place of purely spiritual purposes and has remained so for hundreds of years. While it has variously served as the point from which the sun and a number of goddesses were worshipped, it is clear that it has a darker history than Dala Hill.
Until recently, during the ‘Takutaha’ day, the hill received its fair share of visitors who felt that observing prayers on both or one of the hills would represent a paramount act of worship.
Today, ‘Goron Dutse’, once known as a place from which to worship the deity, before the coming of Islam, is a respected place of worship for Muslim sects, a tourists’ attraction, a location for shooting music videos and movies, as well as a sight for sore eyes.


The Emirs Palace is another important tourist attraction, it was built over 500 years ago by Sarki Muhammadu Rumfa. It is a very important attraction.

Muhammadu Sanusi II (CON) is the 14th Emir of Kano who was crowned on 8 June 2014 after the death of his grand uncle Ado Bayero (who died on 6 June 2014). Emir Sanusi was a successful banker and former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.



Originally the residence of the Sarki during the reign of Muhammad Rumfa, it is however now a museum housing artifacts of medieval quality and telling the long history of Kano.



One of the oldest dye pits in West Africa, the Kofar Mata dye pits dates far back to the days of the trans Sahara trade, where traders dye their wares for sale in other markets across the Sahara and in to Europe.



This is one of the ancient markets in West African where international trader takes place and is still on to this day. All the beautiful leather and bronze works are found in the market and other hand crafted artifacts, such as earrings, beads, swords etc.